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Snowsports Stage 4 Activity Badge

Snowsports Stage 4 Activity Badge

Product Information

Snowsports Stage 4 Badge How to Earn Your Badge Show you understand what equipment to carry for the different two types of activity you may undertake (a single lesson, day on the hill, expedition in the woods, off-piste experience, session at a snow park) Show how to look after yourself and others in the event of not being able to return down the mountain, or being stranded on a route Show your ability to use a ski map or resort map and identify where you are on the map Plan a half days activity, considering location, group, equipment and abilities, this should include a plan B in case of bad weather, etc. Participate in a snowsport activity different from that which the other requirements have been completed in, this could be something completely new or an activity you’ve not done for a while such as skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, ski touring and slalom Choose and complete two of the following: Demonstrate your ability to safely descend a black run Perform a sequence of turns in fresh snow, leaving even tracks behind Complete a day’s cross country ski trip, planning your route before you go Complete a cross country timed route and then improve your time over a two further attempts

Product Specification

  • Size: 40cm

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Snowsports Stage 4 Activity Badge

This badge can only be purchased by Badge Secretaries, Section or Assistant Section Leaders and County or District Administrators using a registered on-line account.

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