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Badge Fix Glue

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Badge Fix Glue

Product Information

The adhesive now used is Loctite 595 which is an upgrade of the previous adhesive. The glue is washer and dryer safe and it's suggested to allow 24 hours for maximum adhesive strength. It has a removable nozzle for application.

Whilst this is suitable for using on shirts/uniform items, we strongly advise against doing so. This is due to the damage caused when removing badges attached with the adhesive. This is not a POR issue and is more advisory for the longevity of customers uniform/garments

Customer Reviews

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  • By East-Dorset DSS

    excellent for camp blankets but don't use on uniforms because it will render them useless to pass on.

Code: 100863

Badge Fix Glue

Use this Badge Fix Glue to stick on your badges to blankets/ponchos. It is an alternative to needle and thread and a lot quicker. Not recommended on uniform.

IMPORTANT  Click Here For Loctite Safety Data Sheets.

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